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Welcome to the Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council

This page is designed to help you if you think you may be having issues with alcohol or drugs.

Thousands and thousands of Australians do have issues with alcohol and drugs.  You are not alone.

One of the biggest problems is it’s fairly easy to become reliant on booze or drugs – and once you have a daily habit, it can be hard to break.

Some people inevitably believe that it’s not possible to beat any kind of addiction.  This simply isn’t true.  Thousands and thousands of Australians have very successfully beaten addiction issues and got on top of their problems.

The first thing you need to do is talk to a medical expert – see your local GP and chat the issues through with them.  Ask the GP what you should do next and what kind of support is there locally to help you.

You can do the same with your local drug and alcohol worker.

The key is to reach out and ask for the help that is actually out there.  Some people believe – which is quite wrong – that there is very little help to tap into.  That’s not true.  There is plenty of help out there and plenty of support services that can assist you on the road to recovery.

It’s not weak to reach out and seek assistance.  It is very brave and it’s the first key step you need to take.  You’ll be guided by experts from there on how to best deal with the issues you are facing.

I’m a professor with years and years of experience in addiction.  I know above all else that if people reach out, that’s the first key step to getting assistance and make no mistake, there’s plenty of assistance out there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Professor Scott Wilson
Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council.