The Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council (SA) Aboriginal Corporation

Our Staff

Scott WilsonCEO

Scott Wilson - CEO

Scott is the Director of Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council, (ADAC). He is an Aboriginal man from the Stolen Generation.  Scott has a background of polydrug use and he has spent considerable time and effort learning to live a lifestyle free of illicit drugs and alcohol.  Scott's youth was spent misusing and abusing alcohol and other drugs, which brought him into contact with both law enforcement and health agencies constantly.

The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc. interviewed Scott in 1994 for the position of Director. Scott was appointed Acting Director then in 1995 became the Director, a position he has held ever since. Since working at ADAC, Scott has led a drug free lifestyle, but he has drawn on his understandings from his own background and so ADAC has a harm minimisation focus. Scott’s commitment and involvement in the Indigenous substance misuse field sees him in a variety of organisations and committees. Here are some of them:


Deputy Chairperson of the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC; Formerly called the National Drug Strategy Reference Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples). Appointed by the Prime Minister.


Council Member and Executive member of the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD). Ministerial appointment.


Director and then Deputy Chairperson of the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation (now called the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education- FARE)


Executive Director, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA). Appointed by the Prime Minister.


Ministerial appointment, National Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Health Council.


Ministerial Appointment, National School Drug Education Committee


National Inhalants Taskforce


Board Member, National Drug Research Institute


Board Member National Centre for Education and Training in Addictions


National Cannabis Strategy Taskforce


National Illicit Drug Strategy State Reference Committee (SA)

1998 - 2011

National Illicit Drug Strategy Media Campaign Reference Committee

Scott’s contribution has been recognized in 1997 by the ADCA Australia Day Award; in 2003 by the Australian Centenary Medal;  and in 2012 by the University of Sydney’s, Sister Alison Bush Medal.


Helen WilsonOffice Manager

Helen Wilson - Office Manager

Helen has been at ADAC since 1995. As the Office Manager Helen has a number of roles. She is responsible for the finances of ADAC, which includes payroll obligations, facilitation of grant moneys and financial acquittals. Helen is also responsible for the general supervision of administration. Another role, that seems to be growing, is the production of ADAC resources. These include ADAC Annual Report, posters, leaflets, and the Petrol Sniffing and Other Solvents Manual as well as the Petrol Sniffing Video, in more recent times the Meth Comic. FASD has been an area that has grown with the FASD poster the FASD flipchart and leaflet also Alcohol and your health DVD. Helen role has grown she is now responsible for the ADAC Website.


Sofia RiveraAdministration/ Finance Officer

Sofia Rivera - Administration/ Finance Officer

Sofia comes from El Salvador in Central America. She has been in Australia for 13 years. Sofia began work at ADAC as a volunteer 7 years ago while she was studying an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business Administration. Sofia is now employed as Administration/ Finance Officer. Her financial duties include accounts payable and receivable, monthly Business Activity Statements, data entry to MYOB, travel allowance payments and bank reconciliation. Sofia is also responsible for the maintenance of ADAC's office equipment, maintaining the ADAC assets register for insurance purposes and setting up and maintaining several of the internal ADAC databases.


Geoffrey HawkinsResearch Administration / Officer

Geoffrey Hawkins - Research Administration / Officer

Geoffrey is part of ADAC administration team. Geoffrey's main responsibilities is distributing and tracking the many ADAC resources. Also he is responsible for taking minutes for ADAC meetings including the Executive, Annual General Meeting and conferences. He also provides displays of resources at conferences and special events, and organises resources for project staff.


Jimmy PerryMakin' Tracks Project Officer

Jimmy Perry - Makin' Tracks Project Officer

Jimmy is one of two Indigenous drug and alcohol workers in the Makin Tracks team.

Jimmy's heritage is Ngarrindjerri/ Arrernte. Jimmy's main role is to travel to communities that invite the Makin' Tracks team to work with them to address substance misuse issues within the communities.


Byron WrightMakin' Tracks Project Officer

Byron Wright - Makin' Tracks Project Officer

Byron is an Aboriginal man from the town of Mungindi, which is 800 kilometers inland on the NSW-QLD border. He grew up in the suburb of Riverwood and later Liverpool in the western suburbs of Sydney. Byron's main role is to travel to communities that invite the Makin' Tracks team to work with them to address substance misuse issues within the communities.


Isabella NorvilIndigenous Elder

Isabella Norvil - Indigenous Elder

Isabella is a Ngarrindjerri women from Murray Bridge. Isabella joined ADAC in Murray Bridge in 1996 and 1997 to address the appalling levels of suicide and premature death being experienced by the community at that time.

Isabella moved on to be ADAC chairperson. Isabella is a member of the NACSP Board National Advisory Council for Suicide Prevention and SA Aboriginal Health Council Ethics Research Committee for the past 8years. Isabella sits on many other comittees eg the Granny's Group.


Jasmin WilsonAdministration

Jasmin Wilson - Administration


Sue-Anne MorleyProject Officer

Sue-Anne Morley - Project Officer


Francz Varga Graphic Design and IT Specialist

Francz Varga  - Graphic Design and IT Specialist


Veronica StrangwaysAdministrative Assistant

Veronica Strangways - Administrative Assistant

Hi My name is Veronica Strangways,

I was born in Port Augusta and have lived here most my life.

Previously I worked at Pika Wiya Health Service for around 14 years working in the Clinic reception for 3 yrs and then worked in the Learning Centre for 11yrs.  While working at the Pika Wiya Learning Centre I had the opportunity to complete my Diploma of Nursing as well as my Cert 4 Aboriginal Primary Health Care certificates.

I think that having Footsteps – Road to Recovery is a positive thing because it is something that our people and communities need locally, with this we can now work together helping people through their journey of change and support them within themselves and their family.


Colleen RobertsAOD Support Worker

Colleen Roberts - AOD Support Worker

Hello my name is Colleen Roberts and I am a Dieri descendant from Marree and Coopers Creek surrounding areas where I was born and grew up with our old people and seeing the changes from the sixties that has effected our people when alcohol was introduced openly.

This was the chain affect of many diseases, sicknesses, domestic violence and suffering of families.  Now it is like a big circle going round and round, through our generations.

This gave me a opportunity and chaIlenge to work in the health field as an Aboriginal health Worker and Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer in SA and NT.  to make a difference for our people to have control over their own lives and health and wellbeing.

I am so happy that ADAC Footsteps Rehabilitation in Port Augusta has been established to help, support and encourage our people to make good and right choices to benefit their own health and wellbeing. Also I’m happy to work to help them at ADAC Footsteps Rehabilitation Centre and to have a good team.


Christopher WarrenAOD Support Worker

Christopher Warren - AOD Support Worker


Denise GilchristConsultant

Denise Gilchrist - Consultant


Carrolyn LoweAdministrative Assistant

Carrolyn Lowe - Administrative Assistant


Troy BondHealth Promotion Officer

Troy Bond - Health Promotion Officer


Tegan GascoyneAdministrator

Tegan Gascoyne - Administrator


Alinda HoggHealth Practicioner

Alinda Hogg - Health Practicioner


Taeleen JaniakAdministration

Taeleen Janiak - Administration


Deslyn DoddAOD Support Worker

Deslyn Dodd - AOD Support Worker

Deslyn Dodd is a Eastern Arrernte/Antikirinya/Dieri women born in Port Augusta and very proud to be back in her home town after 26 years living in Alice Springs NT.

Deslyn worked 2 years with Anglicare NT has a Case Manager in “Transitional Housing Program” assisting homeless disadvantage people with living and improving independent living skills.

Deslyn also worked with “Medical Local NT” as Aboriginal Project Outreach Worker “ Closing the Gap” assisting Aboriginal clients with Chronic Disease, as well as a range of Primary Health Care only to prove in main stream private practice also achieving the collaboration in other health services. Engaging and building a good relationship between communities and service providers.

The experience I have will help my people with life skills, everyday living and especially the support I will provide in surrounding area with a culture approach.


Dora Rutendo MushongeraProgram Manager

Dora Rutendo Mushongera - Program Manager


Sarah May WillisAdministrative Assistant

Sarah May Willis - Administrative Assistant


William SansburyAOD Outreach Support Worker

William Sansbury - AOD Outreach Support Worker


Connie CatsambalisAdministration

Connie Catsambalis - Administration


George LaslettProject Coordinator Client Services

George Laslett - Project Coordinator Client Services


Warren MillerProgram Coordinator

Warren Miller - Program Coordinator


Prachi KothariHR Manager

Prachi Kothari - HR Manager


Wayne ColemanHealth Practioner - Stepping Stones Ceduna

Wayne Coleman - Health Practioner - Stepping Stones Ceduna


Raylene FiebigAncillary Worker

Raylene Fiebig - Ancillary Worker


Rochelle KrugerAdministration Officer

Rochelle Kruger - Administration Officer


Bernadette TshiabaTrainee AOD Worker

Bernadette Tshiaba - Trainee AOD Worker


Sandra Odartey-AddoSupport Worker

Sandra Odartey-Addo - Support Worker


Jonathan HwataSupport Worker

Jonathan Hwata - Support Worker


Myrtle SansburyAncillary worker - Casual

Myrtle Sansbury - Ancillary worker - Casual


Ethan StrangwaysResidential Support Worker

Ethan Strangways - Residential Support Worker


Katrina ThompsonAOD Outreach Worker

Katrina Thompson - AOD Outreach Worker


Justin Fryer Residential Support Worker

Justin Fryer  - Residential Support Worker


Nicole LeveringtonResidential Support Worker

Nicole Leverington - Residential Support Worker


Mihail LochowiakResearch Assistant

Mihail Lochowiak - Research Assistant


Deborah SterlsonResidential Support Worker

Deborah Sterlson - Residential Support Worker


Jason SaundersAncillary Worker - Casual

Jason Saunders - Ancillary Worker - Casual


Amy WaltersResidential Support Worker

Amy Walters - Residential Support Worker


Paul VigarAdministration Support To Office Manager

Paul Vigar - Administration Support To Office Manager


Anthony CoxResidential Worker - Casual

Anthony Cox - Residential Worker - Casual


Kenneth Harry SmithOutreach Worker

Kenneth Harry Smith - Outreach Worker


Theresia DaviesAdministration Officer

Theresia Davies - Administration Officer


Floyd LaisterResidential Worker - Casual

Floyd Laister - Residential Worker - Casual


Andrew TrezesniowskiResidential Worker - Casual

Andrew Trezesniowski - Residential Worker - Casual


Jenny MorleyCounsellor

Jenny Morley - Counsellor


Hayden Eric JacksonResidential Worker - Casual

Hayden Eric Jackson - Residential Worker - Casual


Gary WrightProject Coordinator Client Services

Gary Wright - Project Coordinator Client Services


Leonie ScottAncillary Worker - Casual

Leonie Scott - Ancillary Worker - Casual


Robert HoggAncillary Worker - Casual

Robert Hogg - Ancillary Worker - Casual


Melinda JebydahAncillary Worker - Casual

Melinda Jebydah - Ancillary Worker - Casual


William NewchurchMaintenance worker - Casual

William Newchurch - Maintenance worker - Casual


Alison HillmanResidential worker - Casual

Alison Hillman - Residential worker - Casual


Grant BurnsAncillary Workers Casual

Grant Burns - Ancillary Workers Casual


Adrian GrayMaintenance worker - Casual

Adrian Gray - Maintenance worker - Casual


Derek BayantMaintenance worker - Casual

Derek Bayant - Maintenance worker - Casual


Adam ComptonMaintenance worker - Casual

Adam Compton - Maintenance worker - Casual


William SmithMaintenance worker - Casual

William Smith - Maintenance worker - Casual