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Young NUNGAS Yarning Together
Project Officer Katie Perry

YNYT Nine Students Received Accreditation for Cert. 2 in community Services

YNYT Nine Students Received Accreditation for Cert. 2 in community Services

The Young Nungas Yarning Together Peer Education Program was designed to motivate young people to play an active role in drug and alcohol prevention.

This creative peer education program for young people enables participants to receive information, discuss issues, develop a greater personal awareness, learn and practice new skills and develop positive peer relationships.

This project targets young Aboriginal people 12-18 years at risk who have attendance, behavioural and or learning difficulties within the identified region.

Young Nungas Yarning Together Peer Education program offers young Aboriginal people the opportunity to learn and use Peer Education skills to create an educational resource that may be used in schools and organisations that work with young Aboriginal people.

In partnership with Alzheimer's Australia SA - The short educational film will focus on alcohol and related issues such as binge drinking, alcohol related dementia, brain injury where alcohol is a contributing factor, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’s and risk taking while under the influence of alcohol.

It provides young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to avoid alcohol use and information on harm minimisation principals; develop skills as peer educators with the ability to actively support other youth who use alcohol and provides young people with appropriate and up to date information, resources and support while promoting cultural connection, pride and leadership.

Modules varied from
• Communicate with People accessing the services of an
• Follow OHS Procedures
• Follow the organisation’s policies, procedures and programs
• Work with Others
• Introduction to Alcohol & Other Drugs
• Basic Admin Duties

On Thursday 17th September 2009 9 young people have received some accreditation in the above modules for Certificate 2 in Community Services.

Participants are Duarne Johncock, Jordi Perry, Kyron Newchurch, Rowena Pinkie, Kaihtah Larsen, Bree Flanigan, Llewellyn Cleaver, Learna Clark-Williams and Kailah Flanigan.

Event Coordinator South Australian Cultural & Sports Festival 2007

Event  Coordinator South Australian Cultural & Sports Festival 2007

Since the early 1970’s the Aboriginal Community of South Australia has been holding annual Football and Netball Carnivals. The South Australian Football & Netball Carnival is the biggest gathering of Aboriginal Communities from all regions of South Australia approximately 3000 community members.

This year saw a new era in what was formerly called the Football & Netball Carnival.

This year it was decided that we needed a change in light of the negative portrayal of Aboriginal people in the media and by the wider population and to strengthen the self esteem and to promote, educate and install belief and motivation in the Aboriginal Community.

Hence the South Australian Aboriginal Cultural & Sports Festival 2007 was borne.
Late in 2006 the Narungga Sports Committee came together with an idea to hold the “Carnival” over on the Yorke Peninsula. They began project planning but realised that they needed support in a number of areas to implement such an event.

A partnership between Narungga Sports Committee and Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Inc. (ADAC) was entered into, which enabled Narungga Sports Committee to realise their intentions of hosting a sporting competition for their community – Point Pearce.

Aims of the Partnership between ADAC & Narungga Sports Committee

I was asked to take on the role of Event Coordinator to support the Narungga Sports Planning Committee and ADAC in their efforts to ensure that the SA Cultural & Sports Festival 2008 was a success. This was extremely challenging and satisfying role and I think we, as a team, pulled it off.

The South Australian Aboriginal Cultural & Sports Festival 2007 was held in Moonta, Yorke Peninsula, SA on Friday 28th September – 30th September 2007 approximately 1 and half hours from Adelaide.

The Festival had a variety of components for Community members to participate in, these wereThe South Australian Aboriginal Cultural & Sports Festival 2007 was a Drug and Alcohol Free event. Designated smoke free areas were also promoted.

Attendance over the weekend has been estimated at 5000 people. This includes players, performers, children, youth, families and Elders.

This year I have also been invited to work on a small component of the Spirit Festival, 2008 – The Marketplace.

School Holiday Program

School Holiday Program

This year Young Nungas Yarning Together in conjunction with the Aboriginal Health team ran two School Holiday programs in the October School Holidays and over the Christmas period.

Activities included, movies, swimming, golf, dragon boat racing, in house days at Nunga IT and bbq’s at Semaphore and Largs Bay.

We had over 20 people participate in these outings over the two term breaks.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Youth Expo 2008

Due to the fact that this year has seen an influx of expo type events for young people and that schools need to pick which events over the year they can attend, it was decided by the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander working party to postpone the event until 1st April, National Youth Week 2009. This will enable the working party to provide the Aboriginal young people of Adelaide and beyond a high quality event.

Building on the success and popularity of previous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander events held in the West during the annual National Youth Week, the committee with the extra time will be able to design, plan and implement an even better Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Youth Expo that will provide an opportunity for young people to access information regarding pathways inclusive of Health, Education, Training, Employment and Recreation for their future.

What's been Happening

What's been Happening


Hello again, for those who don’t know me I am Katie Perry, the project officer for Young Nungas Yarning Together Peer Education Program.

I have been in the position since September 2005 and I am very happy to announce that we have been lucky enough to receive state funding to top up the program from the Office For Youth, Youth Engagement Grant for 3 years. The Commonwealth NIDS Community Partnership Initiative funding will run out in 2009 so we will need to focus on gaining recurrent or ongoing funding in the near future.

Young Nungas Yarning Together is a partnership between Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council and Parks Community Health Service (CNAHS). I am based at the Parks Community Health Service, Trafford Street, Angle Park.

What are the objectives of the project?

To establish a sustainable ‘Peer Education’ project for Aboriginal youth in the Parks area that:

This last year I have had many hats with in my role of Peer Educator for Young Nungas Yarning Together.

Young Nungas Yarning Together Peer Education Program

I have been working with TAFE SA to continue the accreditation process for Young Nungas Yarning Together participants to further receive modules in Cert 2 in Community Services Work.

I have also been investigating Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment as an option for participants, this will allow the young people to have the opportunity to learn skills such as Presentation Skills, Plan and Promote Training Sessions and Deliver Training Sessions etc. I hope to be able to incorporate these sessions into the accreditation process.

Since the launch of the Peer Ed DVD. I have been working on the next stage of Young Nungas Yarning Together. This entails designing and writing a manual to accompany the DVD which will enable us to leave a ‘package’ with the schools that we present to, that will allow the youth service providers, Aboriginal Education Teachers and Workers to follow up with drug and alcohol sessions on an ongoing basis.

Stage 2 will cover 4 more modules of Certificate 2 in Community Services, this will include Undertake Basic Admin Duties, Support Group Activities, Support the Activities of Existing Groups and the completion of Introduction to Alcohol and Other Drugs.

Stage 2 of Young Nungas Yarning Together is open to new participants as well as continuing to support ongoing participants. Referrals can be taken from families, youth workers and schools. Young people can also self refer to the program.

As a result of the success of Young Nungas Yarning Together and the reputation of the program growing. I have been asked by organisations if they could access and begin an YNYT program in their areas, I have also been invited to input into youth programs and services across the country as well as University students wanting information on Aboriginal youth in regard to their assignments etc.

These have been fromConferences and Training & Development

I attended the 2008 Winter School in the Sun, Drug and Alcohol Conference in Queensland which I found extremely informative. I came back to Adelaide with some different ideas that may be incorporated into the Young Nungas Yarning Together Peer Education Program.

I also attended the Living Works ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) in June, which was very interesting. This training involved

Girls Self Esteem Program

Girls Self Esteem Program

I have also been invited to facilitate a young women’s group in partnership with 2nd Story (west campus).

We were approached by Woodville High School to deal with some issues that have arisen in the first half of the year. This self esteem women’s group will run for 2 hours every Monday during term time.

Topics include, anger management, risky behaviours including drug & alcohol issues, communication, conflict resolution, decision making, goal setting, stress management and What it means to be an Indigenous female.

This program began on 16th June 2008.



The Young Nungas Yarning together Peer Education Program was designed to motivate young people to play an active role in drug prevention.