The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) inc.

1st March 2011 – 30th April 2011 - 30 Apr 2011

1st March 2011 – 30th April 2011
Executive Summary

Highlight for the months of March and April include the following:
Being asked to attend the National Close the Gap Steering Committee on the 23rd March with Minister Snowdon and staff, Jane Halton Secretary DOHA, David Learmonth Deputy Secretary DOHA, Linda Powell First Assistant Secretary OATSIH, and Tarja Saastamoinen Policy OATSIH.

On the 24th I attended Close the Gap Day celebrations in Parliament House with the following members of Parliament in attendance, including the following Ministers;
Hon. Warren Snowdon, MP, Hon. Jenny Macklin, MP, Hon Peter Garrett MP, Hon Mark Butler MP, Hon Gary Gray MP, Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Hon Simon Crean MP, Hon Katherine Ellis MP.

MPs and Senators
Hon John Alexander MP, Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Hon Jamie Briggs MP, Hon Julie Collins MP, Hon Anthony Crook MP, Hon Mark Dreyfus MP, Hon Jill Hall MP, Hon Edham Husic MP, Hon Stephen Jones MP, Hon Geoffrey Lyons MP, Hon Michael McCormack MP, Hon Robert Mitchell MP, Hon Shayne Neumann, Hon Robert Oakeshott, Hon Rowan Ramsey MP, Hon Sharman Stone MP, Hon Kelvin Thomson MP, Hon Kenneth Wyatt MP, Hon Antonio Zappia MP, Hon Alex Satarino MP, Senator Christopher Back, Senator Douglas Cameron, Senator Patricia Crossin, Senator Gary Humphries, Senator Claire Moore, Senator Nigel Scullion, Senator Ursula Stephens, Hon Anthony Burke MP, Hon Adam Bandt MP, Hon Scott Buchholz MP.

Departmental Representatives.
Linda Powell, First Assistant Secretary, OATSIH, Jeff Harmer, Secretary, FAHCSIA, Trish Woolley Prime Minister’s Office, Joy Savage Prime Minister and Cabinet.

ADAC submitted an Expression of Interest for Youth Diversionary activities within the APY lands, which could result in 2 years of funding. Also to nominate for the new Congress of First Nations Peoples meeting in June. The Director was also asked to put in an Expression of Interest for the newly formed Australian National Health Prevention Agency.

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