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This site provides information about the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc. (ADAC). You can find out about the projects we run, contact our staff members and access resource material and details of current and past projects.
We hope that you find this web site useful in finding out about the work of ADAC and in gaining knowledge about substance misuse. If you found the information in the web site informative or interesting, or completely the opposite, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

If you would like further information on the Council please do not hesitate to contact ADAC.



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Preventing overdose - be the voice

International Overdose Day - August 31st

International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31 is approaching quickly. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 1427 Australians died of drug overdose in 2012 (most recent data available). Every one of these deaths is a family tragedy, every one preventable. Unfortunately the issue of drug overdose does not get the public attention it so obviously warrants.

Progress is being made with overdose prevention programs operating in most jurisdictions but we need them to be available to everyone who is at risk. We need to talk about overdose prevention so it becomes a part of the national dialogue.

We are encouraging as many agencies and individuals as possible to contribute to the discussion by organising events around the day. Needle and Syringe Programs, drug treatment programs, housing crisis and homelessness services, GPs, pharmacies and other related services are central to stressing overdose prevention messages.

International Overdose Awareness Day Events enable friends and family members to open up about their losses and help spread awareness of the issue. If the community understands the cost of drug overdose the issue will be recognised as a priority area for governments.

Each event organised around the day, no matter how modest in scale, raises awareness and can help save lives. Marking the day need not be complicated. For ideas on holding an event visit the International Overdose Awareness Day website at

Wearing the silver badge shows you support overdose prevention and remembrance. Badges can be ordered at

Updated stats are available at

Contact if you would like any help in framing your support for International Overdose Awareness Day. Follow us on Twitter at@OverdoseDay or on Facebook at

Contact: Royal Abbott Penington Institute

95 Drummond St, Carlton Vic 3052 or

+61 (3) 9650 0699 or 0421 184 027

Preventing overdose - be the voice

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Rehab Naming Competition


for the new Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation facility for the North West Region SA

The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc., Aboriginal Family Support Services and the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia are pleased to announce an exciting new endeavour that will benefit Port Augusta and communities in the North West region of SA in reducing the level of alcohol and other drug misuse and associated harm.

The first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility for the region is soon to be established at Ellis Close in Port Augusta, providing short term accommodation for a 12 week program that includes counselling, programs and activities.

North West Regional Residential Rehabilitation facility needs a new name, so we are inviting all members of the community to suggest one.

We invite you to enter a name for the service and you could win a prize valued at $1000!

The name should consider:

  1. The purpose of the service
  2. The service is provided for all communities in NW region of SA
  3. The service is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to address their alcohol and drug use.

Download the entry form here or visit the Rehab Website

Rehab Naming Competition

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